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What do consultants actually do?

The short answer is that we share our technical knowledge and years of experience with our clients. This helps them avoid hidden pitfalls and advise them if there are better ways of achieving their goals. How we do that depends on the job and on the client but our approach remains the same. First we make sure we understand the clients goals and objectives. Then, we gather data through precise and thorough questions. Once we have a detailed understanding of what our client expects, we work to craft a solution to achieves those goals. We collaborate, not dictate.


Needs assessment

Do you have an outdated or unreliable system? Does it seam like your budget keeps getting hit with expensive maintenance bills just to keep it operational? Correctional control systems are not optional. They are mission critical tools, necessary for a safe, efficient environment. Our experienced engineers can help you identify the make and model of your existing systems, determine where each system is in it's rated lifecycle, identify obsolete or discontinued components, and alert you to potential points of failure. We document our findings and provide you with a clearly written report.

Budgetary estimates

Do you already know that you need a control system but have no idea how much to budget for it? Join the club. As technology changes, it can be hard to keep track of ever changing costs. ECON engineers are up to date not only on current technologies but also on product and labor costs. Let us help you plan for your upcoming project with confidence so that you get what you want and stay within budget.

Strategic planning

ECON engineers can assist in planning all aspects of a system deployment, even the details that don't involve technology. Often overlooked but important aspects include financing options, project phasing, infrastructure requirements such as raceway or power, and all of the challenges of working in an occupied detention facility. We have experience in logistical planning and security risk mitigation and can help you develop the roadmap to a successful system deployment.