Company > Why ECON?

Here are a few reasons...

  • Our products:
    • Are purpose built for correctional facilites.
    • Offer extreme reliability even in harsh environments.
    • Only use solid state storage.
    • Are inherently redundant.
    • Use secure encrypted communication unlike competing PLC systems.
    • Are competitively priced.
    • Are simple and easy to maintain.
    • Are available internationally through major distributors and authorized solution providers.
    • Communicate over standard, off-the-shelf network equipment.
    • Integrate seamlessly with third party systems, such as CCTV, Intercom, and much more.
    • Interface with major PLC systems and software, such as Allen Bradley, Omroon, and more.
  • Our Software:
    • Streamlines project development and configuration.
    • Interfaces with most major PLCs.
    • Is designed specifically for correctional control.
    • Has a proven track record of exceptional stability and reliability.
    • Encrypts all communication for exceptional security.
    • Is intuitive and user friendly.
    • Does not limit the number of I/O points.
    • Allows users to create stunning graphics.

For more reasons to use ECON for your next integrated control system, please contact our sales team at (334) 386-9997 or email us at