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ECON's Correctional Automation Management(CAM) software is a powerful, robust control package that streamlines system configuration, setup, and deployment. CAM development software allows system integrators to quickly and easily import floor plan graphics, define controllers, set device names, and place ICON's with minimal training. Control parameters can be updated on an individual device basis or in groups. Control features such as interlock or group control can be enabled or disabled by simply selecting a check box. No programming knowledge is necessary to set up, configure or deploy a complete system. Furthermore, updating an existing project or adding devices to an existing project is fast and easy. Please contact us for a free 30 day trial version of CAM software.

CAM Developer

CAM Developer offers users an intuitive icon based development environment. No coding. No ladder logic. Just drag and drop the control icon, set the input and output tags, and assign a name. It's that easy. CAM Developer is designed to conform to your workflow preference for developing a correctional control system. Users can either start with the hardware configuration, and move from there to the UI development or start with the UI and then define the system hardware.

CAM Developer also allows you to determine which devices any given touch screen can access. You can restrict housing unit touch screens to the doors in that unit while allowing a central control touch screen supervisory control over the entire facility, it is completely flexible. Prevent un-authorized or accidental activation for security sensitive features such as emergency release or remote touch screen disable by adding password protection. CAM Developer integrates seamlessly with third party systems by using a plug-in architecture that makes system integration uniform from one system to another. Users always see the same configuration menu when developing projects and CAM sends the correct communication code based on the system selection. CAM Developer also allows you to incorporate mobile control into your project. Create control screens specifically designed and formatted for Windows based tablets without reducing or restricting large format touch screens.