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Correctional control systems in a box

ECON Device Controllers are purpose built for correctional control applications. Each controller is a self contained unit that includes its own power supply, logic processor, solid state memory, Ethernet Interface, low level I/O, power switching relays and field wire interface. Each ECON controller operates autonomously from the other controllers, thereby limiting the effects of damage to a single controller. All inputs are optically isolated to prevent damage from lightning or surges. Controllers are available in a rack mountable or panel mountable form factor. All ECON controllers work seamlessly with our CAM software, and our Open Protocol Integration (OPI) platform allows other PLC software to control and monitor ECON controllers.

General Output Controller

The ECON General Output Controller (GOC) provides integrators an easy way to add general purpose Form C contacts to an integrated control system in both new and existing correctional facilities. The GOC is available in a 1 RU format that fits easily in open frame or enclosed data racks as well as a panel mount version for use in wall mount enclosures. Both formats allow installers to easily access the wiring connections on both the front and rear panels. The rack mount format also affords installers the use of standard 19? rack wire management hardware.

The GOC controls up to 16 devices and can be used in a wide range of applications such as operating, water valves, providing contacts to 3rd party systems or general power handling applications. Each field wire connector includes a terminal for Common, and N.O. and N.C. terminals. Like all ECON I/O, the GOC allows users to associate any input in the system with any output.

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