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Stay focused.

You can't be good at everything. ECON systems manufacturers best-in-class correctional controls and software because we maintain a narrow focus on the detention controls market. We don't make locks, or doors or general purpose SCADA or process control systems. We do one thing and we do it well. ECON serves State, Federal, County, Municipal and Private prison facilities by providing high quality, application specific control systems at competitive prices. ECON sells through a network of authorized resellers and systems integrators to ensure that end users receive knowledgeable service and support.


Federal and State

ECON Serves State and Federal correctional institutions by providing large distributed systems that require back up, redundancy, robust data logging and reporting tools, and the ability to scale seamlessly without impacting system performance.

County and Municipal

County and Municipal correctional facilities benefit from the same high quality hardware and advanced software features that are found in large state and federal institutions. Additionally, ease of maintenance and low maintenance costs help provide relief to county and city budgets.

Private Prisons

Private prison operators benefit from ECON's competitive pricing as well as our ability to ship products immediately. When there are deadlines to meet, every minute counts. Our System auditing and reporting tools also aid in compliance requirements.