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Ethernet CONtrols

ECON systems was founded in 2010 by a group of correctional industry veterans with a vision for a better door control system. The correctional controls market has never been static. From its early days of hardwired relay based control systems, companies have been looking for a way to bring more standardization to a highly unique market. ECON strikes the balance of standardized, off the shelf hardware that is modular enough to work in any correctional control environment and configurable software that can be easily customized to control any jail, prison, or correctional facility.

While ECON is a manufacturer, most of our employees have significant experience in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated security and correctional control systems. This depth of industry experience allows us to understand the real world environment where our products are installed, as well as the entire deployment process from bids to submittals, engineering, installation and later, service.

Our vision is to provide the best possible hardware controllers, the best possible control software, world class service and support, and do it at a competitive price.

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